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Optimize Your Website with the Google Analytics “Converters” and “Non-Converters” Segments

How can you use Google Analytics to identify the areas where your site is most successful at conversion and areas where it needs to be better optimized?

Fortunately, as a recent Search Engine Watch article points out, Google Analytics provides built-in Converters and Non-Converters segments that let you see the different behaviors of users that have made a conversion and those that have not.  Using these you can begin to understand some of the factors that are helping to drive conversions.

To use these segments, click “Add Segment” from anywhere in the Reporting section of Google Analytics.  You’ll find “Converters” and “Non-Converters” in the list of segments, just check the box next to both and click “Apply”.

Google Analytics segment settings

Some suggested reports that you can use to compare Converters and Non-converters:

  • Demographics: Are there any differences in the age, gender, or interests of Converters versus Non-Converters?
  • Mobile: do Converters and Non-converters use different devices? If fewer Converters are using mobile devices, maybe you need to optimize for mobile.
  • Exit Pages: Which of the last visited pages show the highest Non-Converters rate? Applying the two segments to this report highlights which pages should be optimized contentwise.

Understanding how Converters and Non-converters differ will help you identify exactly where you need to optimize your site.

If you are having trouble understanding Conversions or setting up Goals for your website, have a look at Google Analytics’ explanations or contact us to find out how we can help you with conversion optimization.

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