Online Marketing

Online Marketing Case Study: JEANS.CH

JEANS.CH was launched in the beginning of 2014. Becoming the most visited jeans shopping portal in Switzerland was the ambitious goal. To achieve this, CEO Guido Weltert decided to work with Amazee Metrics for search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

Search Engine Marketing

As a new website, JEANS.CH had hardly any visibility in organic search at the beginning. To bring immediate traffic to the website, we implemented search engine marketing with Google AdWords.

  • We began with campaigns for the search network. With continuous optimizations of the ad texts, the bidding strategy and especially the keywords, we were able to achieve very profitable campaigns after some time.
  • Shortly after launching the search campaigns, we decided to add shopping campaigns. In order to do this, we first had to implement a Google Merchant Center. This provides the source for shopping ads in Google AdWords.

Shopping ads of JEANS.CH

  • Later we complemented the AdWords campaigns with remarketing and dynamic search ads.

Remarketing ads of JEANS.CH

Search Engine Optimization

Usually the results of search engine optimization are only visible after several months. To achieve good results as fast as possible, JEANS.CH put SEO on the agenda from the start.

The SEO strategy was based on three pillars:

1. Technical Improvements:

  • We conducted an extensive SEO on-site audit, analyzing all technical factors and revealing optimization potential.
  • JEANS.CH implemented the technical improvements in record time.
  • We are still continuously monitoring the technical SEO elements to ensure that the website meets the requirements.

2 Link Building

  • As a new website, JEANS.CH had no external links at the beginning.
  • Over a time period of 6 months, we have worked intensively on organic link building.

3. Content Optimizations

  • First of all we conducted a keyword research to define the search queries with the greatest potential.
  • Based on this, JEANS.CH optimized the website content.

Additional Online Marketing Measures

As a supplement to search engine marketing and search engine optimization, JEANS.CH implemented a social media strategy that is based on our SEO analyses. Newsletters and display advertisement complete the online marketing strategy of JEANS.CH.


Today, JEANS.CH is a relevant player in the Swiss jeans market. The family enterprise can take on big competitors like Zalando.

The following graphic shows the search engine visibility of JEANS.CH (organic search and AdWords).

Search engine visibility of JEANS.CH

When searching for “jeans online”, JEANS.CH is the first result within the AdWords ads and in the organic search results. In addition, several shopping ads appear.

Visibility of JEANS.CH in a Google search for the keyword "jeans online"


Google AdWords and organic search are the most important traffic sources for JEANS.CH, besides direct traffic. The story of JEANS.CH shows that with the right measures, even a new website can quickly achieve a high reach.