No more “Not Provided”: Google Keywords Can Be Displayed Again

Since the end of 2013 Google Analytics users have not been able to see keyword data. Google labels almost all of the keywords as “not provided”. Since then the Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is Google’s only real keyword data supplier.

Since the beginning of August 2015 Google allows access to the Search Console’s Search Analytics API. takes advantage of this new access and provides the keyword data from the Google Search Console in their new tool “Impact”.

This article will give you an introduction to the most important functions of the new tool and summarize the advantages and the disadvantages of this tool. Impact

After importing data from the Google Search Console in the tool you will see the data in the interface within 30 minutes. project summary
You can see your website’s rankings for different keywords under Keywords in the left navigation menu. If you click on a specific keyword you will see more details. You will get a good insight which pages rank for this keyword and how the metrics changed in the selected time range. keywords
You can filter the keywords by time range, country, device, keyword, URL, average position, impressions and clicks. filters
The menu option Ranking Changes is interesting as well. However you will not see the changes in the rankings but the changes in the impressions and clicks. Ranking Changes
The menu item Ranking Distribution displays graphically the overall ranking distribution by percent and the distribution in the first ten search engine result pages in the selected time range. Ranking Distribution
Under Directories you can see important subfolders of your website with their aggregated ranking positions, impressions, clicks and the click through rate.

Advantages of Impact:

  • You can use the Impact tool with the free version.
  • Linking Search Console to the Impact tool is fast and easy.
  • Keywords are directly assigned to landing pages and can be filtered by time range, country, device, keyword, URL, average position, impressions and clicks.

Disadvantages of Impact:

  • You need to upgrade your account to the pro version if you have several websites or if you want more than 100 pages to be crawled.
  • You cannot compare two keywords, two pages, two countries or two devices in like in the Search Console.

Overall we would recommend the Impact tool as one of the many good free tools available for search engine optimization.