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New Opportunities for Your AdWords Shopping Campaigns

The Christmas season is an important period for e-commerce businesses. Google AdWords shopping campaigns are an effective way to market products in Google search. 

Google Shopping results

Google recently launched several improvements for AdWords Shopping campaigns.

Improved presentation of shopping results on mobile devices

According to Google shopping searches on smartphones have increased by 3.5X in the past year. Now Google has improved the presentation of shopping results on mobile devices:

  • The ads are enriched with additional product information. Product details and reviews are displayed if requested by the user. 

New display of Google Shopping results on smartphones

  • The shopping results on tablets include the inventory in nearby stores. This is particularly handy for last-minute Christmas shopping.

Update (27.11.14): These local inventory ads are currently only supported in the following countries: Germany, France, United Kingdom, US, Japan and Australia.  

  • For some products pictures with a 360-degree view are available.

New reports for shopping campaigns

New tools were launched to better monitor and optimize the performance of AdWords shopping campaigns.

  • New reports in Google AdWords provide additional comparison values with competitors, useful insights for bid optimization and sorting possibilities of performance data on the product group level.

  • A new “Diagnostics” tab was added to the Google Merchant Center displaying issues on the account, product feed and item level. This tab replaces the former “Data Quality” tab. 

Diagnostics Tab Google Merchant Center

Promotions in shopping campaigns for additional countries

Two years ago Google introduced the possibility to add promotions to AdWords shopping ads in the US. This opportunity is now also available in the following countries: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Australia and India. In Switzerland this feature is not yet available.

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