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New In Google AdWords: Calculate Your Own Metrics

There are many useful metrics in your Google AdWords account to evaluate the performance of your campaigns. Now it is even possible to make your own calculations within the AdWords feature custom columns. With the new custom formulas you can easily create your own metrics.

You can find the custom columns in your AdWords account in the tab “Columns” at the very bottom. Click on +Column to create a new metric.

AdWords Custom Columns - Screenshot creating a new column

Use Case 1: Share of Clicks from Mobile Phones

Divide the number of clicks from mobile phones by the total number of clicks to calculate the share of AdWords traffic from smartphones. Choose the format “percent” to see the percentage share.

AdWords Custom Formulas - Screenshot share of clicks from mobile

Use Case 2: Estimated Profit

You can now easily calculate estimated profit by multiplying the conversion value by the profit margin. This allows you to see at a glance how profitable your AdWords campaigns are.

AdWords Custom Formulas - Screenshot estimated profit

Use Case 3: Share of Cost from the Display Network

You can also calculate the share of cost by network, for example for the display network. This helps you understand how your campaign costs are distributed among the different networks.

AdWords Custom Formulas - Screenshot share of cost for the display network


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