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New Google Function For SEO: Search Box Integration

Google has announced an important SEO enhancement: The search box within search results has been improved. The search box is now more prominent as it is placed above the sitelinks. In addition, it supports the autocomplete functionality and forwards users directly to the website’s internal search pages.

With the search box integration your website will appear together with a search box in the Google search results. This allows users to search the content of your website directly in the Google results’ page.

Typically the search box is displayed for searches for brand names and if the Google algorithm supposes that the user is searching for specific information on the website.

The following picture shows the new search box:

Sitelink Search Box


To enable the search box in search results your website has to fulfill the following two criteria:

  1. Your website needs to have a working site-specific search.
  2. A markup has to be added to the home page, referencing the URL pattern for your site’s search queries.


Improve your SEO visibility with this new Google function: Your search result will be displayed larger and therefore more prominent. In addition, you help users directly accessing relevant website content which leads to a lower bounce rate.