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New Google Analytics Demos and Tools

The Google Analytics blog recently announced the launch of a Google Analytics Demos & Tools resource site where users can find full examples of how you can use Google Analytics features in amazing ways and some handy tools to make working with Google Analytics simpler and faster.   Here are some of the highlights:

Enhanced Ecommerce
  • A fully working demo ecommerce site that shows how to implement new Enhanced Ecommerce features.  Google Analytics Demos & Tools provides guides for setting up Google Tag Manager and the Enhanced Ecommerce plugin as well as sample code snippets for both.
Google Analytics Resources
  • Demos of new ways to create custom dashboards and Javascript-based visualizations of Google Analytics data (like the Embed API and Polymer Elements).
Dimensions and metrics explorer
  • Tools that can help streamline frequent tasks for developers working with Google Analytics like an Account Explorer, Query Explorer, Dimensions & Metrics Explorer and the latest Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-On.

The site is open source and available on Github, so you can see exactly how everything works and experiment with it.