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New Google AdWords Targeting Option: Customer Match

With the new Google AdWords targeting option “Customer Match” you can address your target group more specifically. “Customer Match” allows you to define the relevant target groups based on email lists. You can upload your email lists. They will be matched to logged in Google users. Like this you can address your target group with more specific AdWords advertisement on the search engine results pages, on YouTube and in the Gmail inbox.

Benefits of “Customer Match”

The new email-based targeting has several benefits:

  • You can create highly targeted campaigns.
  • The divergence loss is smaller compared to the other targeting options.
  • With “Customer Match” you can create “Similar Audiences” for the targeting of YouTube and Gmail ads. “Similar Audiences” consist of users with similar interests like the customers on your email lists.

How to Use “Customer Match”

You can apply the new targeting option to potential new and existing customers. The precondition is that you have a list of acquired email addresses:

  • Of potential customers who participated in a promotion, like a raffle.
  • Of interested users who contacted you via contact form or email or subscribed to your newsletter.
  • Of existing customers who already purchased a product or service.

The targeting option “Customer Match” will be rolling out to all AdWords users over the next few weeks.