Search Engine Advertising

New Campaign Type in AdWords

If you have an AdWords account you probably realized already the notification: the campaign type  “Search and Display Networks” will be eliminated and replaced by  “Search Network with Display Select”. 

Until September 16th 2014 you can perform this upgrade yourself, after that the change will be automatically implemented. Those who wish to upgrade immediately can benefit instantly from the advantages. 

 After the upgrade your ads will still show on the Google Search and Display Network and be handled like regular search network campaigns. But your ads will be shown more selectively on the Display Network compared to before, according to the highest probability for conversions. CPC-bids are automated and optimized for the Display Network and therefore cause no extra work. While impressions and clicks might decrease, the upgrade is expected to result in a higher conversion rate.

The advantages of this campaign type sum-up like this: Internet users spend 79% of their time surfing on actual webpages in the Display Network and not in the Search. According to tests by Google AdWords advertisers pay up to 35% less for customers from the Display Network and raise efficiency by this. Furthermore some work-intense features were removed, like topic targeting, and placement specific bid for the Display Network. 

If you are interested in upgrading directly, we suggest the “how to article” in the AdWords help.