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New AdWords Feature: Custom Columns

Google AdWords has quietly implemented a great new feature: Custom Columns. This allows creating custom columns in addition to the default columns like Impressions, Clicks and Conversions.

What Is the Benefit of Custom Columns?

With AdWords custom columns you can for example group the clickthrough rate (CTR) into “desktop CTR” and “mobile CTR” or display the conversion data by device. If you are measuring multiple conversions (for example contact forms and newsletter subscriptions), you can show each conversion type in a particular column. This allows you to see at a glance which types of conversions were generated.

With this new feature you can group your AdWords data into the following segments:

  • Network: Google search, search partners, Google Display Network
  • Device: Desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet
  • Top position compared to other positions in different networks
  • Google +1 annotations
  • Conversion name

How to Create Custom Columns

Follow these steps to create custom columns:

1. Go to the tab “Campaigns” or “Ad groups” in your AdWords account.

2. Click on “Columns” – “Customize columns”

Adjust columns in Google AdWords

3. You will find the option “Custom columns” on the bottom of the metrics column on the left. Here you click “+Column”.

Add a custom column in Google AdWords

4. Create the required column.

Define a custom column in Google AdWords


Use this possibility to optimize your AdWords campaigns more effectively. Do not hesitate to contact our experts if you have any questions about search engine marketing


Source header image: Wikimedia Commons