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New Advertising Possibility: YouTube Shopping Ads

Last week Google announced the launch of shopping ads for YouTube. They will be available in the next months.
These new shopping ads give YouTube advertisers the possibility to offer products directly in partner videos. 

How the YouTube Shopping Ads Work

Similar to Google shopping ads, the YouTube shopping ads are based on auctions and are displayed based on several contextual signals. At first, only a round icon is visible in the upper right corner. After a click on the icon, the shopping ads appear. Now the user can compare numerous products. When clicking on a product, the user will be forwarded to the supplier’s website.

Benefits of the New YouTube Shopping Ads

  • For the first time, you can advertise products outside your own videos on YouTube.

  • Due to the integration of the Google Merchant Center product feed, you do not need to create individual ads for each product.

  • The YouTube shopping ads have more reach compared to the previous advertising possibilities for your own products on YouTube, because you can reach users who are watching other videos.

Already Available Predecessors of Shopping Ads

The new shopping ads are based on the two predecessor ad types “Cards” and TrueView for shopping. You can already use these in YouTube.
In the following, we will show you how they work.

Cards for In-Stream Ads

With Cards you can promote specific content within your own videos to give users more interaction possibilities. These ads are displayed on the right within the video with a picture, text, and link.

YouTube Cards Infokarten

TrueView for Shopping

TrueView ads for shopping were built based on the “Cards” and allow you to promote your products within your own videos. The ads are based on the product feed in the Google Merchant Center. The user can directly click on the advertised product in the video and will then be forwarded to the suppliers’ website.

YouTube TrueView für Shopping

Feel free to write me an email if you have questions about the new YouTube shopping ads.