Mobile SEO: Optimize your Websites for Smartphones

In the past years the number of users accessing the web on mobile devices has increased significantly, both globally and in Switzerland. As a result a website should be rendered in a user friendly design not only on desktop computers but also on mobile devices.

Google underlines the importance of smartphone friendly websites for SEO with two important changes that have been published this summer:

  1. Google warns smartphone users if a displayed result does not lead to the correct landing page but redirects to the home page of the mobile website instead.
  2. Google shows a warning if the displayed page does not work properly on the used device, for example because the website contents are mainly in Flash.

Google Flash SERP Page
Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog


So for Search Engine Optimization it is crucial to provide a user friendly version of the website for mobile devices. Google recommends implementing a responsive web design.

The following resources provide assistance for creating smartphone friendly websites:

  • Google Developers provides detailed guidelines on how to create websites optimized for smartphones.
  • In Google Webmaster Tools you can see warnings for faulty redirects (redirecting the smartphone users to the home page of the mobile website) in the section “Crawl Errors”.
  • By using the functionality “Fetch and Render” in Google Webmaster Tools you can check how Google displays your website on smartphones.
  • The tool Google PageSpeed Insights evaluates not only the page speed but also provides recommendations to optimize the user experience on smartphones.


Update (2.3.2015): There were serveral updates in the past months regarding the mobile-friendliness of websites: