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Marketing Automation – 4 Marketing Activity Ideas

Do you want to simplify your online marketing processes or plan your marketing activities more efficiently? Marketing automation uses software for precisely this purpose and should be a tool used in any marketing department. We introduce you to the advantages of automation and highlight the automation options using examples.

Advantages of Marketing Automation

With the help of marketing automation, potential customers can be segmented and targeted via different channels. In addition, marketing teams can work more efficiently and save resources and budgets through automation. Thus, automated marketing efforts can increase your campaign performance and reduce your costs!

1. Marketing Automation Options

Social Media Marketing Automation

For an automated lead generation in Facebook, use the Facebook Messenger bot option. With the help of text modules, you can automate your lead flow to a large extent. In addition, with tools like Hubspot, social media posts can be scheduled in advance and published automatically at the desired time.

2. Automate Emails in the Customer Journey

We suggest you take advantage of creating emails that match your customer’s Customer Journey and send them in an automated way. With personalized emails, you can attract additional customers and win back lost customers without any extra effort. The following scenarios are suitable for automated email campaigns:

Shopping Cart Abandoners

Retarget shopping cart abandoners and provide an incentive to buy using discounts.

Unopened Emails

Create an automated email to follow up on unopened emails at a defined time. You will save the time and effort of following up manually.

Automated Invitation to Webinars

Send automated email invitations to your webinars. Introduce your products and services to new newsletter subscribers and attract new customers.

3. Dynamic Content to Automate your Website Content

Personalized content on your website makes the content more relevant to the user. It can lead to an increase in conversion rates. Use dynamic content that you have tailored to fit your website users. For example, you can personalize your content for device, language, customer lifecycle stage, or country.

4. Report Automation

Use tools like Google Datastudio and Klipfolio to create automated marketing reports. With automated reports, you can visualize important metrics and appealingly present them. Automating your reports minimizes typos. And you can send these reports at a specified time. You will save valuable time, which you can use to optimize your marketing efforts.

Marketing Automation Reporting

Our conclusion

With the help of the automation of marketing measures, you can save a lot of time, and you can simplify your lead generation. Automation gives you more time for strategic planning of marketing activities and optimizing for lead generation.

Do you want to simplify your online marketing with the help of automation? We are experts in marketing automation and would love to help you streamline your campaign management. Contact us now!

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