Local SEO: New Ranking Factors 2014

Local SEO is crucial for local businesses like shops, hotels and restaurants. The latest study from Moz about the local search ranking factors shows the key factors for optimizing a website with local relevance for SEO.

Local Ranking Factors

The following graphic shows the most important ranking factors for local SEO.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

The top 5 ranking factors for local search are:

  1. On-page signals such as the use of keywords in the title tag, the domain authority and the existence of NAP information (NAP: Name, Address, Phone).
  2. Link signals, which include the number and the quality of external links as well as anchor texts.
  3. External local signals like citations on relevant portals (for example Yelp) and consistency of the NAP data between different platforms.
  4. Google My Business data, for example the category, the presence of keywords in the business title and the geographical proximity to the user.
  5. Review signals, for which not only the number of reviews but also the velocity and the diversity (reviews on different platforms) are relevant.


According to the study the relevance of the following local ranking factors has increased:

  • Behavioral signals, especially the click-through-rate
  • Domain authority
  • Citations on relevant portals
  • Geographical proximity to the searcher


You can find more information about general SEO ranking factors in our blog.

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