Kaapstad meets Tsüri

If you would do a search on long distance relationships, you most probably end up at forums and blog posts where people tell you not to start a long distance relationship. Why would you let yourself in with such negativism? Get offline, hop on a plane and break the distance!

The last week and a half Jonathan and I (Sierd) spent working with our friends in Zürich. Yes, we broke the distance and we loved it. Zürich is everything what Cape Town is not, but the people working for Amazee Metrics are used to looking past the horizon and together we can make great things happen. With Kevin staying behind in Cape Town, we never really lost touch with our first love the Mother City anyway.

When you are having a good time doing weekly reports on a Monday morning after flying in from the other side of the world and lacking sleep, you know you are happy with the way your relationship is working out. After work we would enjoy all the great things Zürich has to offer and we would get to know each other better.

The almost complete Amazee Metrics team at Lake Zürich with Evelyn, Christina, Sierd, Jonathan and Nil.

Luxemburgerli are macaroons and they are not from Luxemburg, they are from Zürich. We at Amazee Metrics advise you to buy them for your better half on the next occasion. He or she will want you to bring more the next time you visit Zürich and it will make everything better. It wasn’t just a few macaroons that broke the distance. It was the valuable time spent together in the office. The moments you can be together without the internet keeping you separated. A meeting in the Gondola, a cup of coffee on the balcony and a Chopfab craft beer with our friends of Amazee Labs when the work is done.

Meeting up with friends. #GooglePartner

You cannot just sit in the office all day, eating and drinking. Jonathan went to Chamonix for the weekend to hike the French part of the Alps and I ran up and down the Uetliberg a few times. This creates some space for that one thing both the Swiss and South Africans have in common. You can call it grilling or braaiing as we do in Cape Town, but it all comes down to one thing: A wonderful rendez-vous to celebrate the beauty of being able to have a strong long distance relationship. En Guete!