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Insights to Your Online Store with Dashboards

To make considered decisions it is crucial to have a good set of data. In E-commerce there is a wide range of information, so it is important to filter the important data and read it correctly.

We show you how you keep an overview of your E-commerce website in Google Analytics with two dashboards. Further recommendations for dashboards you can find here.

E-commerce KPIs

The first dashboard contains the most important key figures. It tells you how many users visited your website, how they are getting to your website, what most of them are looking at and how high your conversions are. The contrast between users and revenue might be very informative.

Google Analytics e-commerce KPIs dashboard

Transactions by Device

The second dashboard might come in handy if mobile devices are important for your business because your online store is optimized for these devices. Conversion rate, revenue and sales are broken down to the device types. Big changes in these metrics might give you a hint to device specific problems.

Google Analytics dashboard transactions by device

With these dashboards you are able to keep track of your online shop’s performance. If you do not like to login to Google Analytics, you could let these dashboards automatically be sent to your mail inbox.