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How to Use the New Native Gmail Ads in Google AdWords

Since the beginning of September 2015, native Gmail ads are available for all advertisers in the Google AdWords interface.

In the following you will learn what native Gmail ads are and how to create them.

What are Native Gmail Ads?

Native Gmail ads are ads within the Gmail mailbox. They are also known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP). The target group will see these relevant ads directly in their mailbox.

Native Gmail ads in Google AdWords

When the user clicks on the ad that appears above the email list in the category “Promotions”, an extended ad with the look and feel of a landing page shows up. In this extended ad the user can click on the website link or forward the ad as an email. The ads are personalized based on the user’s search history, resulting in a high relevance.

How to Use the Native Gmail Ads?

Create a new campaign for the display network in your Google AdWords account. You can target your campaign based on keywords, demographic data or interests of your target group. Afterwards you can create the ad group. Make sure to you have your logo and an appealing picture ready.

Now you can create your Gmail ads with the following steps:

1. Click on +AD and choose Ad gallery in the drop down menu.

Choosing ad gallery for Gmail ads

2. Hover over Gmail ads and click on Create.

Gmail ad gallery

3. Now you can choose between three templates: “Gmail image template “, “Gmail single promotion template” and “Gmail multi-product template”. You can also upload a custom HTML.

Gmail ads selection

4. When you have chosen your template, fill out the required fields and save your ad.

Gmail ad creation


Feel free to write me an email if you have any questions about the new Gmail ads.