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How to Use the Google AdWords Dimensions Tab

Data is the key to success. The dimensions tab in Google AdWords provides a lot of key metrics. We will show you how to use them properly.

By clicking on the tab Dimensions you get an overview of the AdWords key figures like clicks, impressions, conversions etc. per day (date) for all active campaigns.

Key Metrics AdWords Dimensions Tab

If you now click on the tab View, a drop down menu with a variety of reports for the whole account, the selected campaign or the selected ad group appears. We are discussing four useful reports hereafter:

1. Day of the week

Day of the week AdWords Dimensions Tab

This report shows the AdWords data per day of the week. You get a good overview of the performance on each day and adjust your bid in the ad schedule with this knowledge.

2. Hour of day

Hour of Day AdWords Dimensions Tab

Here you can determine the best and worse performing hours of the day and decide which actions to take (for example bid adjustments). Often your advertising goal will not be reached between 2 and 6 am, but this greatly depends on the website content. This report helps you understand when your users respond best to your ads.

3. Top movers

Top Movers AdWords Dimensions Tab

This report contains a summary of the ad groups with the biggest changes in clicks and costs within a certain time range. It gives you a good overview of the development of your AdWords campaigns regarding these two key metrics. Recently, Google added conversion data to the report. It is however not available in all AdWords accounts yet.

4. Search terms

Search Terms AdWords Dimensions Tab

Here you will find an overview of the users’ search terms that triggered your ads and the performance data per search term. Based on this you can derive potential new and also negative keywords. Google recently announced that the search terms report is now updated more frequently.

The dimensions tab offers a lot of important data to run successful AdWords campaigns. For further information on this topic you can contact me.