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How to Track Conversions With Google Adwords

With Google Adwords conversion tracking the actions of users after a click on a Google AdWords ad can be better understood. A valid conversion needs to be predefined and can include for example a product purchase or a newsletter subscription.
For example if a user buyed a vacuum cleaner, a conversion (in this case a conversion is defined as a product purchase) and a conversion value (which needs to be predefined and displays how much the conversion is worth to the company) will be transmitted.

Google Adwords Conversion Trackings Setup

Set up Conversion Tracking by clicking on the tab Tools and on Conversions.

Conversion Tracking Tab Conversions

Click on the red button +Conversion.
Now you can choose the source of the conversions. In our example we chose website as the source.

Conversion Tracking Source

Name the conversion and define the following metrics:

  • Value: States how much the conversion is worth for your business.

  • Count: Choose between “All”, if you want to track all conversions, or “Unique” if you want to get only one conversion from one user, even if the user triggers more conversions.

  • Conversion windows: Define the time frame you want to track the users who clicked on your ad.

  • Category: Specify a category, you can choose between “Other”, “Purchase/Sale”, “Sign-up”, “Lead” or “View of a key page”.

  • Optimization: Define whether the data should appear in the “Conversion for optimization” columns or not.

Defining Conversion Tracking

Copy the conversion tracking code and implement it on the page which should trigger the conversion.

Conversion Tracking Tag Instalation

As soon as the conversion tracking code is installed the campaign can be activated and users‘ conversions can be understood and viewed in the campaign overview.

With the Google AdWords conversion tracking you get insights of the most lucrative campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords. You can identify the most efficient ads and optimize them to enhance the return on investment (ROI).

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