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How to Create Mobile Campaigns in Google AdWords

80% of the Swiss internet users access the web via smartphone. This is an increase compared to 2014, when 75% were using their smartphone to surf on the internet. Thus it is getting increasingly important to optimize your AdWords campaigns for mobile devices.
In the following we will show you the benefits of mobile AdWords campaigns and explain how to set up a mobile campaign.

Benefits of Mobile AdWords Campaigns

In general it is advisable to set up a separate campaign for your mobile ads. A separate campaign facilitates the performance evaluation and allows more specific optimizations. This is important because mobile users often behave differently than desktop users. It is quite possible that mobile users for example respond to different keywords and ad texts than desktop users.
Moreover, our experience shows that the cost per click (CPC) is often lower for mobile devices than for tablets and desktop. As a result you can set different bids and budgets for your separate mobile campaign.

How To Create Campaigns for Mobile Devices

Before creating a mobile campaign you should make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. This is important to avoid a high bounce rate and to provide a good user experience for smartphone users.

  1. Create Campaign: Set up a new campaign and choose the campaign type (for instance “Search Network only”).
  2. Set Up Ads:
  • After setting up an ad group you can create ads that appear preferably on mobile devices. For this purpose tick the box near Device preference, right before Mobile.
    Create AdWords mobile ad
  • When creating the ad text you must take into account that each line needs to be understandable on its own. Because sometimes Google displays only one line or replaces the second line with an ad extension.
  1. Define Bid Adjustments: In addition you should set a bid adjustment in the campaign settings. Your ads will be displayed more often on mobile devices when increasing the bid adjustment for mobile. For example if you have a CPC bid of 2 CHF and set a bid adjustment of +50%, your bid for mobile will be 3 CHF. Increasing your bids for mobile is important because you cannot exclude tablets and desktop from the campaign.
    AdWords bid adjustment
  2. Create Ad Extensions: You should create mobile ad extensions specifically for this campaign. For instance if a mobile user is looking for a shoe store, a sitelink to the “shipping costs” does not fit his needs but a sitelink to the “nearby stores” does.
    To target mobile devices with these ad extensions, tick the box near Device preference, right before Mobile.
    AdWords mobile ad extension

Our tip: Is your website not mobile-friendly? If calls are an important conversion goal for your business, you can create a mobile campaign anyway: Check out our Google AdWords tutorial for call-only campaigns to learn more.

Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or suggestions regarding mobile campaigns.