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How to Connect HubSpot with Google Ads

Organizing and aggregating leads and inquiries across all marketing channels is a challenge for many businesses.

In this blog post, we will show you how to connect your Google Ads account with HubSpot. Once the two tools are fully integrated, you can set up and benefit from HubSpot’s many features, such as email journey workflows, lead syncing, Slack or Microsoft Teams integrations and email notifications.

These features set you well on your way to running a fully automated online marketing strategy.


How to proceed:

1. Open HubSpot in your browser.

2. Go to Settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right hand corner.



3. Scroll to the “Tools” section on the left, open the “Marketing” dropdown & click “Ads”.



4. Next, click “Connect account” and select “Google Ads”.



5. You will be prompted to sign in to your Google account. Use the Google login information that you use for your Google Ads account.



6. Now another pop-up from Google opens. In this step, click “Allow” to authorize the connection between your HubSpot and Google Ads account.



7. The Google Ads pop-up will close and you will return to the HubSpot interface, where you can now link your Google Ads account. Check the box next to your Google Ads account and click on “Connect”.



8. After a short loading time, the window in HubSpot closes and you return to the main interface.



Your Google Ads account is now connected to HubSpot. You can now set up advanced Marketing Automations like email workflows, lead syncing, Slack & Microsoft Teams integration or email notifications.

Contact us if you need assistance integrating HubSpot with your online marketing channels (Google, Facebook, Linkedin & more).

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