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The Amazee family is growing! We are happy to step next to Amazee Labs and provide your company with marketing services in the field of Web Analytics, Search Engine and Conversion Optimisation.

How can Amazee Metrics make your online business thrive?

We believe in data-driven web development: In the area of analytics we will provide you with insights into your website traffic.

Regarding conversion optimization we will guide you through the cycle of data-driven development – from the definition and measurement of the relevant KPIs and conversion goals to A/B and multivariate testing to improve your website’s performance.

And with our SEO services we will check the “SEO compliance” of your code and help you develop a social media and SEO strategy to increase visibility and ensure a high ranking of your business in search engines.

We’re happy and eager to meet you! Visit us for a coffee, follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook and Google+.

So far it’s only Evelyn and George, but we’re hiring and looking for a Web Analyst to join our little team.

If you are a smart, competitive person who understands HTML, knows excel, works in a structured way, understands different aspects of digital marketing and makes data-driven decisions send your application to (SEO experience is an advantage, but not a prerequisite – your analytical, data crunching, mind is.)

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