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Google Analytics Updates its AdWords Search Queries Report

Google Analytics recently announced the introduction of the Query Word Count dimension in Google Analytics AdWords reports.  This allows you to segment AdWords Search Queries by the number of words in the query.

Google AdWords Query Word Count

This way you can easily see how short queries with only a few keywords perform differently from long-tail queries that use longer, more specific phrases.  We recommend that AdWords users pay attention to these long-tail queries: they are a great way to focus more specifically on what users are actually looking for.  For example, a long-tail query like “how to measure SEO performance” communicates the user’s intent much more clearly than just “SEO”.


If the Query Word Count report shows that your AdWords Search Queries are all from one- or two-word queries, perhaps you should do some keyword research to find more long-tail keywords.  Of course, our Search Engine Marketing experts are here to help.