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Google Analytics Changes Limits on Accounts

Attention Google Analytics users!  Google Analytics has changed the limits on account structures. Here’s a quick reminder of how Google Analytics accounts are structured and an overview of the new limits:


Amazee Metrics Account

Generally one Google Analytics account corresponds to one company.  The account is the top level access to Google Analytics.  Multiple users can have access to an account.


Google Analytics Amazee Metrics property

Every account can have multiple properties.  One property is typically used for each website.  There is no change to the limits on properties: each account can have up to fifty different properties.


Google Analytics view

Each property can have different views. Views determine which data you see in the analytics reports.  We recommend that you keep a clean “All Website Data” view that you never modify and create new views when you want to add filters (for example, to filter out internal traffic from within the company).  Each property can now have up to twenty-five views.  Previously, every account could have up to fifty views regardless of the number of properties.

Don’t worry: these changes will not affect accounts that already exceed the new limits.

If you want to get the most out of Google Analytics, our web analytics experts are here to help you set up your Google Analytics account and guide you through using it.  Learn more about our web analytics services and check out our past web analytics blog posts.