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Google Analytics Benchmarks: Comparison With Your Competition

Did you ever wonder what the web analytics data of your competitors might look like? Then, you might be interested that Google has announced to make benchmarks for many industries available. But these benchmarks are only disposable if the option “Anonymously with Google and others” in the Basic Settings (under your Google Analytics Account Settings) is enabled. By activating this option you allow Google to anonymously process your data to benchmarks. The new functionality will be available for all users with the option enabled. Then you will be able to select the benchmarks under “Audience” > “Overview” > “Select metric”.

Google Analytics all sessions overview

To make suitable comparisons, Google will provide 1,600 industry categories, 1,250 markets and 7 size buckets (measured in Sessions) for the benchmarks. Metrics will be offered for Channels, Locations and Device Categories dimensions. Further more there will be a heat map that makes it easy to see where you underachieve.

There is already a company that has improved significantly through Google Analytics Benchmarks. At Twiddy.com, a vacation rentals company, they used the benchmarks to identify unused potential. By comparing their channels with the benchmarks, they noticed that they were doing many things well, but also that that they underachieved in terms of acquisitions through paid search, referrals and emails. Their conclusion was to revamp their email marketing. They even could determine the best-selling messages through Google Analytics. Twiddy states they were able to boost the Average Open Rate to 48% and the Clickthrough Rate to 40% for their email marketing.

Benchmarks of twiddy.com

Through Google Analytics Benchmarks you will be able to gain answers on questions that every company might be interested in:

  • In which Channels should we invest?
  • What are our strengths?
  • How is our mobile engagement doing compared to our competitors?

So use Google Analytics Benchmarks to find your strengths and weaknesses in relation to anonymous data of the industry.

Google has also announced that the benchmarks will be enhanced with data for Conversions and mobile apps. If you are interested in Google Analytics Benchmarks or other topics concerning web analytics, please get in touch with us.