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Google AdWords Update: New Tracking URLs

In the beginning of this week, Google rolled out an AdWords update to simplify the management of tracking information. Moreover, new ValueTrack parameters allow you to track additional information about the performance of your AdWords campaigns.

Upgraded AdWords Tracking URLs

Until now the tracking parameters were integrated directly in the destination URL of the AdWords ads (for example: 12345). Changes in the tracking required a manual adaption of the ads.

Now a final URL replaces the destination URL. This final URL contains the landing page URL without tracking information (for example: The tracking is defined in a separate tracking template that can be applied to the whole account or specific campaigns and ad groups. If the tracking changes, only the template needs to be updated. 

Google AdWords: final URLs replace the destination URLs

AdWords ValueTrack Parameters

ValueTrack is a feature to add tracking values to the destination URLs of your ads. This allows you to measure for example the number of ad clicks triggered by location. The data can be viewed in Google Analytics or other analytics tools. 

Next Steps

1. If you do not use tracking
In this case you do not need to change anything. For new ads, choose the option Final URL to define the landing pages. In the upcoming months the destination URLs of your existing ads will automatically be converted into final URLs. 

2. If you already use tracking
For now your destination URLs with tracking information still work. All ads will automatically be migrated to the new structure until July 1st 2015. Use the new structure for new ads and adjust your existing ads by the end of June at the latest. 


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