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Google AdWords Tutorial: 5 Targeting Options for the Google Display Network

The Google display network consists of millions of websites, videos and apps where your ads can be displayed. Website operators can register through Google AdSense in the display network to offer ad placements on their website for AdWords users.

In the following we present you five targeting options for the Google display network. You can use one targeting option per campaign or combine several.
In order to benefit from all the advantages of the following targeting options you need to create a campaign for display network only.

1.     Keyword Targeting

With keyword targeting, you can reach users on contextual websites, apps and videos. This means Google decides which websites contextually match with your keywords and displays the ads on the appropriate websites, apps and videos. For example, if you put the keyword “red jacket” in Google AdWords the ad will appear on websites selling red jackets or writing about it.

Our Tip: For this targeting option define keywords which already perform well in the search network.

2.     Topic Targeting

You can reach users on thematically related websites, apps and videos. Google provides a list of topics and subtopics from which you can choose one or more matching topics. For instance, if you have an online shop for food the provided topic “Food & Drink” and the subtopic “Food” will match particularly well.

Our Tip: Do not narrow your topic too much in the beginning, otherwise you will be limited to too few impressions and will not reach potential users.

3.     Targeting with Remarketing Lists

With remarketing lists you can reach users who already visited your website, on external websites, apps and videos with your ads again. First you need to create remarketing lists. You can define visitors of specific website categories. Learn how to set up remarketing lists here.

Our Tip: Do not create very narrow remarketing lists in the beginning. Choose “all website visitors” to start. If you have enough data, you can create a new remarketing list to target visitors of a specific website category.

4.     Targeting with Interest Categories

As the name suggests, users can be reached by their interests with this targeting option.
Google uses historical user behavior as a basis for interest categories. You can choose from a given list or create a customized interest similar to the topic targeting. For example, a winter sport equipment provider could choose the interest categories “Winter Sports Enthusiasts” and “Skiing Enthusiasts”.

Our Tip: We recommend not narrowing the interests too much and choosing more than one interest.

5.     Placement Targeting

Placements are websites in the display network which display your ads. With the placement targeting you can specifically choose websites to display your ads and reach these website’s users. If you choose to include placements, you ensure that the placement quality and the placement topic match your website. For instance, if a website provides a free news service for fashion trends this would be a good placement if you sell branded clothing in an online shop.

Our Tip: Use the AdWords Display Planner for your placement research.

Google AdWords Display Planner

Feel free to write me an email if you have questions regarding the targeting options in the display network.