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Google AdWords: Right Column Ads Removed from Google Search

Google has globally removed all text ads in the right column of Google Search. PLAs ( Shopping campaigns ) and the Knowledge Graph will however continue to be displayed on the right side. In addition, it is now possible that an additional fourth top position text ad can appear above organic search results. 


Google AdWords right column ads removed

What does that mean for your AdWords campaigns?

No need to panic : The 3 top positions receive the most clicks  

The three top ad positions receive about 85% of the clicks and only 15% of the clicks were made ​​on ads in the right column. I am confident that the additional fourth top position above the organic search results will absorb a large part of these 15% of clicks of the previous right column. Likewise, there is still the possibility that three other ads can appear beneath the organic search results.

More space for Ad extensions

A positive consequence of the new fourth top position above the organic search results is that these top rankings can feature more variations of ad extensions. These extensions allow you to present further information such as address, phone number or sitelinks. Previously, the possibility of using Ad extensions in the right column was limited.

Good SEO rankings are even more important

The additional fourth top ad position shifts the organic search results further down the page. This means that the first position for organic search is no longer “above the fold” and is not displayed for many desktop users without scrolling anymore. This means it is more important than ever to appear among the first organic search ranking positions, so that the search result can be viewed and clicked more often.


The first position in organic search will definitely be one of the big losers. Likewise AdWords users who previously were able to present their ads in the right column may now have to reckon with the positions below organic search results. I forecast that there will be a increased competition and an increased CPC across industries, especially within commercial queries that yield a high probability of transaction, such as ” buy shoes online “. However, shopping campaigns will profit, because they get additional display spaces in the right column of Google Search.