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Google AdWords: 6 Tips for Ad Extensions

Ad extensions provide extra information about your business and complement text ads. With the Google AdWords ad extensions you have the opportunity to emphasize your ads without additional costs. Ad extensions can be applied on campaign or ad group level. Find our 6 tips on how to use ad extensions below.

Google AdWords Ad Extensions Interface
  1. Sitelinks extensions
    Use this extension for direct links to subpages. If you have special offers on landing pages or pages you want to focus on you should use this extension. For better results: Define goals and create corresponding landing pages which you integrate as sitelinks.
  2. Location extensions
    Whenever possible, a Google My Business account should be added here. Google My Business should be set up and maintained especially by local businesses.
  3. Call extensions
    Primarily useful for mobile devices. Use the Google forwarding number to get advanced call reports. This service is not available in Switzerland yet. Instead you can track the number of clicks on the call button to get an estimation of the actual calls.
  4. App extensions
    If you have an app you should advertise it with this extension. Ask the user in the link text e.g. to download the app.
  5. Review extensions
    Reviews are collected from several platforms and need to be linked with the third-party sources. There need to be at least three reviews.
  6. Callout extensions
    This extension is very useful if you could not place all of your services or offers in the ad text. Apply this extension on all accounts.  A good example of a callout extension is the “Free delivery” information for an online shop.

Extensions are useful and important for successful Google AdWords campaigns. Ensure to use the extensions wisely. Not every business needs to have all extensions. Contact me, if you would like to know which extensions are useful for your business.