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Google Ads Tutorial: How to Create Labels in Google Ads Editor

The Google Ads Editor has a convenient and helpful function: The ability to create and set labels. It is much easier to structure and organize campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords into categories with labels. In to following, we explain how to create labels and how you can use them.

The Benefits of Labels in Google Ads

Labels make filtering for specific category compositions especially easy. They also help to set rules based on said labels. If, for example, you have a promotion that ends on a Sunday and you are loath to pause all your promotion ads manually on your day off, a rule-based on labels will do this for you!

An example of how labels can make your day-to-day work life more manageable: Say you work for a large online fashion retailer. You likely have many campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ad copies. Chances are also high that you have several different promotions running for various products and categories. You can set labels on account, campaign, ad group, keywords, and ad copy level. You can group these multiple levels in your account into one label and use these labels as filters to automate specific tasks or to optimize certain aspects of your campaigns. Thus, if you filter for your label 2021-05-15 Sneakers Promotion at the ad level, every ad in your account attached to this label will show, even if they are not in the same campaign or ad group.

Create Labels in AdWords Editor

Step 1

To create a new label: Go to Shared library, choose Labels and click on +Add label.
To set labels in Google Ads Editor go to Shared Library, choose Lables, click on Add Label

Step 2

Give your label a specific and helpful name (and pick a color if you fancy. If not, the Editor will assign a random color).
Add a specific and helpful name to your label and a color

Step 3

Your labels are now set, and you can add them to the relevant campaigns, ad groups, ads and/or keywords.
Now that the label is set you can add them to campaigns, ad groups, keywords, or ad copies

After assigning labels, you can filter for them to work in an easier, more structured, and efficient way.
You can also find an introduction on working with the Google Adwords Editor in our blog.

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