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DV360 – 5 reasons for Display & Video 360 campaigns

What Exactly is DV360?

Display & Video 360 (DV360) is part of the Google Marketing Platform (GMP). It offers a wide range of data-driven campaign opportunities. In this post, we present the most important reasons to run a campaign in Display & Video 360.

Targeting Opportunities

DV360 offers 3rd party audiences as well as 1st party audiences. In Display & Video 360, you can use both your own Audiences and Google’s Audience network. You can use Display & Video 360 Custom Audience lists to target users who have entered specific search terms in the Google search engine. You can combine lists to achieve more precise targeting. List combinations result in more extensive targeting options than conventional advertising platforms such as Google Ads or Microsoft Ads.

DV360 Targeting
Tracking Performance with Floodlight Tags

You can use floodlight tags to measure campaign performance in detail. Moreover, you can optimize your campaigns in the best possible way by measuring the metrics provided through floodlight tags. You can easily set up floodlight tags via Google Tag Manager.

DV360 Format Gallery for Banner Design

You can use the Format Gallery in Display & Video 360 to create banners without any special design knowledge. The Format Gallery offers the possibility to develop native banners, video banners, and display banners. You only need the image or video material, the ad texts, and the company logo for the creation. Format Gallery does the assembly and animation.

DV360 Format Gallery

The Format Gallery in DV360 offers a variety of different ad formats. Dynamic ads can be created using the free Google Web Designer and uploaded directly into DV360, depending on the format used. This provides seamless integration of ad functionality.

Publisher & Brand Safety

With the publisher network, DV360 offers one of the most extensive selections of websites on which you can place your ads. The banners can be booked directly or assigned via an auction.

Google also attaches great importance to brand safety. So in DV360 own blocklists can be created. In addition, you can exclude topics to increase your brand safety further.

DV360 Reporting in Google Data Studio

The campaign data can be imported directly into Google Data Studio and prepared as a visually appealing report. This way, you can quickly visualize insights in a recognizable way and derive necessary measures.

DV360 Reporting
Our Conclusion

For extensive campaigns, we recommend DV360 as an integral part of your campaign strategy. With the help of DV360, you can develop new target groups, and you can target existing customers again. Moreover, the results speak for themselves. DV360 can create awareness in the awareness phase and pick up customers with purchase intent in the booking phase.

Would you like to boost your online marketing with the help of DV360? We are experts in Display & Video 360 and would be happy to help you implement your campaign. Contact us now.

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