Content SEO Check

Content marketing is one of the most important parts of the digital strategies we recommend to clients:  creating quality content that engages and informs website users.  In order to attract and hold the interest of users, content should use the keywords that users search for.

So how can you tell if you are doing a good job meeting user demand with your content marketing efforts? 

At Amazee Metrics, we have developed a quick-check process that will show you how well you are meeting the actual demand in your field.  First, we analyze the way you use keywords in your website, scoring your landing pages on how well they follow SEO best practices.  Then we compare your website’s keyword score with the number of searches for that keyword.  This tells you at a glance where your website is strong and where you might be missing an opportunity.

Here is a fictional example of an online retailer that sells shoes.  This imaginary client has created landing pages for the most popular types of women’s summer shoes.  How do those landing pages score in our Content SEO Check?
Amazee Metrics Content SEO Check

You can quickly see that for some keywords, the chart is out of balance.  For example, the website scores low for the keyword “flip flops” but there is a bigger search volume.  For other keywords, like “women’s running shoes” it shows that the website has a lot of content but not very much demand for it.  This analysis lets our imaginary online shoe-seller know that he should stop creating content about women’s running shoes, and focus instead on creating a good landing page about flip-flops.

Are you curious about your website’s keyword score?  Contact us to get your own Content SEO Check and find out how to improve your website.