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Content Analysis Report for Google Analytics

How do you know whether your content strategy is working? How can you measure the performance of the content on your website?

We have created a Content Analysis Report that will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your content. You can add this custom report to your Google Analytics account for free, with just a few mouse clicks. It includes:

1. Content Performance

The Content Performance tab is divided into 3 main categories of performance metrics:


This table shows at a glance which pages are most or least viewed, using the metrics Unique Pageviews and Pageviews.

Content Performance: Pageviews


The Engagement table measures pages across a variety of metrics: Average Time on Page, Bounce Rate, Entrances and Exits.  These metrics are all different indicators of the engagement level of users.  Do users find your content interesting, and stay on your site, or leave right away?

Content Performance Engagement


The conversions table helps you understand how your content contributes to the business goals that you have defined for your website.  Here you can see how often goals are completed on a page, and the value generated by the page. Note: to use this report you must have goals configured in the Google Analytics Admin section.

Content Analysis Conversions

2. Content Opportunities

This table can help you identify what content users expect to find on your site, and help you assess whether you are serving those expectations.  The table reports the search terms that users have queried using your site’s internal search function, how long users stay after searching, and how often users abandon your site after searching.

Content Opportunities

With a few clicks, you can add this report to your Google Analytics account.  Just click the “Import” button on the report in the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery and choose in which View you want to see it. You will find the report under Customization, instantly set up and reporting on your website.

Interested in how you can measure key performance indicators for your business?  Send me an email!