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Connecting Online and Offline World: Website Call Conversion from AdWords

Have you ever wondered about the importance of AdWords for your customer contact via phone? Would you like to know where the phone calls to your business come from? This week Google introduced Website call conversion for AdWords to offer answers to these urging questions of businesses.

According to Google already 70% of all mobile searchers have called a business directly from search ads. With Website Call Conversion a Google forwarding number is dynamically inserted on your website for each ad and makes calls from customers measurable. Through Website Call Conversion it is possible to track which keywords and ads caused most calls. Based on this data further optimizations can be implemented. This feature offers great benefit especially for those businesses that could not connect their incoming calls to online marketing activities until now.

Unfortunately Website Call Conversion is not yet available in Switzerland. Until then there is an alternative: If you add a smartphone friendly telephone number on your mobile website as a link you can track it via events in Google Analytics. This data however is not as significant as data from Website Call Conversion Tracking since it cannot be measured if the phone call was effective, only that it received a click. For further instructions check our article about event tracking  or contact us.