Bing to Launch Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Following Google’s lead, Bing announced the launch of a mobile-friendly algorithm. The Google mobile algorithm started rolling out on April 21st 2015. Bing did not communicate a date for their algorithm update yet, but said that it will be introduced in the upcoming months.

Bing points out that the relevance of a search result will still be considered more important than its mobile-friendliness. Thus a page that is not optimized for mobile devices but has a high relevance for a search query will continue to appear in mobile search. Mobile-friendly websites will benefit from the new algorithm, but pages that are not mobile-friendly will not be punished.

In preparation for the mobile-friendly algorithm, Bing recently introduced a mobile friendly tag, analogous to Google’s mobile-friendly label. In addition, Bing plans to launch a testing tool for the mobile-friendliness of a page, just like the Google mobile-friendly test.

Search result with the Bing mobile friendly tag

The Bing update is not expected to result in a Mobilegeddon, as it was anticipated for the Google update. However, the Bing mobile algorithm provides one more reason to optimize your website for mobile devices.

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