Beating the Google Panda 2.0: What you should know

The latest update of the Google algorithm, named Panda 2.0 was released a few days ago. It was an expected update and apparently affected the rankings of a small percentage of sites, mostly in the US.

To check the status of your website, track the organic traffic from Google in your analytics program. If you see a sudden drop between 13-15 May, you are probably affected by Panda 2.0. So, in order to solve this problem, here is what you should know and what you can do:

• The first and most important move is the check your link profile. If you bought links in the past, acquired links from bad quality websites, or used always the same anchor text in your inbound links, your first priority is to fix them. Visit Google Webmaster Tools, inspect your link profile and locate the issues.

• Make an audit and try to improve the quality of your content. Google is now less tolerant to copycats, so try creating as much original content as possible.

• Work on all the secondary signals that enhance the authority of your web site. Make frequent updates and keep your content fresh, implement a social media strategy and use structured content in order to make it content more easily discoverable.

The recovery is never quick, but with the above steps you will be aligned with the Google guidelines and avoid similar problems in the future.