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Automate your holiday campaigns with 5 Scripts and 5 Rules for Google Ads

Discover how you can fully leverage the potential of your online advertising campaigns during the holidays with specially developed Google Ads scripts and automated rules.

From real-time bid adjustments to precise budget management tools, learn how to make your ads dynamic and responsive, surpass the competition, and achieve outstanding holiday results.

Dive into the world of advanced Google Ads optimization and make this holiday season your most successful yet!


The holidays are a crucial time for many businesses, where automated online advertising makes a significant difference. Google Ads scripts and rules play a role in staying visible and reaching potential customers during this busy season.

For effective campaign management, specially tailored Google Ads rules and scripts are essential. They help to automatically and quickly adjust campaigns to meet changes in demand and search volume and make the most of the shopping season.

If you have never worked with Google Ads scripts or rules before, we recommend the following two articles:

Top 5 Google Ads Scripts for the Holiday Season

These top 5 scripts are tailored to optimize your campaigns for maximum success. From real-time bid adjustments to efficient budget management – discover the tools that support and enhance your advertising efforts during this crucial time of the year.

1. Maximize Your Flash Sales: Real-Time Bid Adjustments for Maximum Efficiency

If your business conducts flash sales or limited-time offers, this script that makes real-time adjustments to bids and budgets can be invaluable.

It automatically adjusts bid modifiers for devices, locations, as well as in-market and remarketing audiences based on performance. You can also set campaign filters and decide which types of modifiers to adjust.

2. Inventory Control for Google Ads Display

Google Shopping campaigns rely on inventory data from the Google Merchant Center. But what if you’re running Google Display Ads on top or instead of Google Shopping campaigns?

This script allows you to deactivate campaigns when products are out of stock by searching the landing page for the phrase “Out of Stock.” This way, you can reallocate your media budget and prevent customers from encountering unavailable products.

3. Flexibility in Focus: Optimize Your Holiday Advertising Budget with Google Ads

During the holiday season, the ability to dynamically adjust campaign budgets is essential. The Google Ads script for flexible budgets allows you to control your daily budget based on a predefined distribution plan. This is particularly beneficial for campaigns running over a fixed period.

You can evenly distribute the budget or, to be more prominent during peak times like Black Friday or Christmas, allocate more budget towards the end of the period. This adaptability is crucial for optimizing advertising efficiency during the lucrative holiday season.

4. Optimized Ad Schedule for Holiday Promotions

During the holidays, it’s crucial that your ads are displayed when your target audience is most active. The Google Ads automation script for ad schedules allows you to precisely manage and adjust the scheduling of ads in various campaigns.

By scheduling ads for specific days and times, you can seamlessly align your strategy with your target audience’s online activities during the holidays. This targeted alignment enhances the efficiency of your campaigns and ensures that your ads receive maximum attention.

5. Hourly Performance Tracker: Keep an Eye on Your Holiday Spending

Keep a constant eye on your Google Ads spending during the holidays with our hourly performance tracker. This script provides you with hourly expenditure updates via email, allowing you to quickly respond to changes. Ideal for busy days like Black Friday or during the peak of holiday shopping, it enables you to manage your budget accurately and effectively.

Top 5 Automated Rules for Google Ads During the Holiday Season

In addition to powerful scripts, automated rules also play a crucial role in optimizing your Google Ads campaigns during the holiday season. Here are the top 5 automated rules specifically suited for the challenges and opportunities of the holidays:

1. Optimizing Budgets on Specific Days

Especially on days like Black Friday or in the pre-Christmas period, online traffic and purchase intent are particularly high. Increasing your budget on such peak days ensures that your ads receive enough visibility to capitalize on the heightened demand.

2. Optimize Your Holiday Ads with Automated Bid Adjustments

Ensure that your specially crafted holiday season ads get the attention they deserve. By automatically increasing bids for campaigns containing holiday-specific keywords like “Black Friday” or “Christmas deals,” you enhance the visibility of your ads precisely when potential customers are most actively searching for these terms. This targeted adjustment helps you maximize the potential of the holiday season.

3. Pause/Activate Rules for Limited-Time Offers

This rule is ideal for automatically pausing or activating ads for products that are only available for a limited time. You could create an ad group rule that pauses or activates ad groups based on specific conditions, such as inventory levels or special holiday promotions.

4. Time-of-Day Rule for Peak Shopping Times

This rule allows you to set your ads to run at specific times of the day, which is especially useful during the peak shopping hours of the holiday season. You can make this adjustment by selecting the “Ad Schedule” section in campaign settings and specifying the specific days and times when you want your ads to be displayed.

5. Bid Adjustments for High-Performing Keywords

This rule automatically increases bids for keywords that perform exceptionally well. You could create a rule that raises bids for specific campaigns when they surpass a certain number of conversions and maintain the cost per action (CPA) or return on ad spend (ROAS) within your target thresholds.

By implementing these rules, you can intelligently manage and optimize your Google Ads campaigns during the busy holiday season to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Make Your Holiday Campaigns a Success: Harness Google Ads Scripts and Rules

It’s time to take your holiday advertising to the next level! Utilize the showcased Google Ads scripts and automated rules to optimize your campaigns for the holiday season. Start now and discover which tools work best for your specific needs.

Need assistance or want to delve deeper into the topic? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to ensure that your campaigns stand out this season!