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Analytics Tips: 6 Tag Management Tools You Should Know

Tag manager tools allow you to quickly and easily add and update tags on your website.  Tags are small snippets of code that add new features or functionalities to your site, like web analytics tracking, remarketing or conversion tracking, optimization and testing services, and many other marketing technologies. Tag management tools promise to make marketing technologies so easy to use that you will not need IT support. The reality is that many of them can be difficult to set up and learn.

When choosing a tag management system you should consider:

  • Which of your current tools should it integrate with?
  • Will you be using the tag manager on mobile sites or apps?
  • Do you have any special requirements like privacy concerns?

Here are some of the leading tag management tools available now:

1. Google Tag Manager

This free soft-tagging tool from Google can create and manage event tracking tags, marketing tags, analytics tags and custom html or JavaScript for web and mobile. Using Google Tag Manager for tags aside from the few built-in types can be very challenging, but it is a good, simple tool to manage Google Analytics tracking and AdWords conversion tracking.

Pricing: $0

2. Tealium iQ

Tealium iQ is an enterprise-level soft-tagging tool. It boasts a large number of integrations (800+) with marketing and analytics solutions and features like privacy controls that make it attractive to enterprise users.

Pricing: based on user requirements

3. Tag Commander

Tag Commander is enterprise-level tagging management that provides out-of-the-box integration with a large number of advertising, analytics, personalization, testing and optimization, and retargeting solutions. It additionally offers simplification of privacy compliance, real-time conversion de-duplication, easy mobile tagging, and an intuitive tag building interface.

pricing: based on user requirements

4. 7tag

7tag is open source tag management from the makers of Piwik. It offers full privacy and data security because it is run on your own server. 7tag is currently in beta and does not offer any out-of-the-box integrations so you must create all tags as custom HTML.

Pricing: $0

5. Qubit

Qubit provides a wide variety of marketing and measurement integrations: display advertising, retargeting, testing and optimization, conversion tracking, analytics, personalization and many others. Qubit calls itself the most flexible enterprise tag manager because its features are highly extensible and customizable and it can be managed via an API.

Pricing: free below 1M pageviews per month, and $99 USD per 10M after that

6. SuperTag

SuperTag enterprise-level tagging management can be used to manage analytics, A/B testing, content tagging, conversion tracking, behavioral targeting, and live chat solutions. SuperTag also promises fast page performance.

Pricing: based on user requirements

Tagging tools are also offered as part of many analytics and marketing platforms like Adobe, AT Internet, and the Ensighten Marketing Platform.  These can be a good choice if you are already using one of these platforms since they will offer good integrations and features specific to the logic and conventions of those tools.

What tag management system are you using?  Need help choosing? I can help – feel free to send me an email.

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