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Analytics Monitoring – Stay Informed at All Times With Custom Alerts

What are Custom Alerts, what are they used for, and what are the benefits of a professionally set up Analytics Monitoring?

At Advance Metrics, we set up the individualized Custom Alerts for our clients and use Analytics Monitoring to monitor the smooth operation of your tracking setup.


What are “Custom Alerts” in Analytics Platforms?

Custom Alerts are notifications that are set up in your Analytics platform, such as Google Analytics, Matomo, and others, to receive notifications automatically at any time when certain events or changes occur in your website’s data. For example, you can set up a custom alert to notify you when your website traffic drops below a certain level or when a certain page on your website sees a sudden spike in views. Custom alerts can be useful to monitor your website’s performance and ensure that it is working properly.


What is Professional Analytics Monitoring?

To monitor and guarantee the smooth operation of your analytics and tracking setup, we offer the setup of a holistic professional analytics monitoring. This consists of different, individually created custom alerts, a constant monitoring of the notifications by our team, and advice in case of an alert.


Why should you choose Professional Analytics Monitoring with Customized Alerts?

Every Analytics Monitoring starts with individual planning and holistic consideration of individual customer needs. Which Custom Alerts should be set up? Which data will be used for this? Who should receive the alerts? And most importantly, what needs to be done should an anomaly occur on the website? We answer these and many other questions for you. With Analytics Monitoring, we offer not only the professional setup of Custom Alerts, but also a structured monitoring of your data. In the event of an alert, we will inform you, offer suggestions to solve the issue and, when requested, rectify the error.


Which well-known analytics platforms offer Custom Alerts?

There are many analytics platforms that offer Custom Alerts as a feature, such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Matomo, and Piano Analytics. Custom Alerts can be set up on these platforms, as well as the type of notification.


How are users notified when Custom Alerts are triggered?

How Custom Alerts are delivered to users, depends on the analytics platform and customer needs. Some tools notify users via email when a Custom Alert is triggered, while other tools deliver the notification via a mobile app or Slack. Using Analytics Monitoring, we not only professionally set up the Custom Alerts for you, but also monitor them. In case of any issues, we inform you immediately and offer suggested solutions.


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