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Amazee Metrics is now Advance Metrics

We have some exciting news to announce! Amazee Metrics is rebranding to Advance Metrics. Our CEO and co-founder Evelyn Thar has taken over the company through a management buy-out.

The only thing that is changing is our company name: we are still the same team and sit in the same office. The name change does not affect existing contracts – we have the same company number and therefore do not need to change any of our contracts with you.

As Advance Metrics, we will continue to focus on the three service areas: Online Marketing, Data Analytics and Digital Marketing Compliance. We anticipate exciting trends in all three areas, driven by new regulatory triggers such as the increasing privacy requirements in online marketing.

We look forward to using our years of experience in data-driven digital performance optimization to advance your digital strategy in the future.

We hope our new company name is a little easier to pronounce and are excited to continue our great collaboration with you!


Yours sincerely,

The Advance Metrics Team

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