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AdWords Dynamic Remarketing Reloaded – Now Available to Advertizers Across all Verticals

After launching dynamic remarketing with AdWords for retailers in June, Google will roll out this possibility also for businesses in the vertical market like insurances, real estate, jobs, finance and education.

The principle of dynamic remarketing is simple: advertizing businesses can target their website visitors in the Display Network with customized ads showing them exactly the products or services they looked at before. The businesses therefore get the possibility to communicate relevant content to their website visitors and turn them into customers.

AdWords dynamic remarketing available across all verticals

Google has tested this functionality with beta customers from different industrial sectors and the results were positive:  the conversion rate could be doubled and the CPA (Cost-per-Acquisition) could be reduced by 60%. Google suggests to create also mobile friendly dynamic remarketing ads and offers special templates for this purpose. The use of automated bidding for dynamic remarketing shall further improve the conversion value and not only the number of conversions.

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