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AdWords Changes the Look of Mobile Ads

The steadily growing number of mobile internet usage challenges AdWords advertizers: The screens are fairly small and offer very limited space, users are on the way and in a hurry to find information as fast and easy as possible. To meet these requirements AdWords changes the appearance of mobile ads starting October 15th.

This is interesting news not only for smartphone users but for all business with local shops or with a target group with high affinity for mobile internet usage.

So what is new?

One change will be that the second description line might only be shown if it is expected to perform very well. Instead Adwords will display extensions like local extensions, callout extentions or sitelinks.


Mobile ads

AdWords recommends to communicate relevant information already in a longer headline and to activate all relevant extension for mobile ads.

These extensions shall facilitate the engagement of users with businesses while businesses can highlight their featured products and services, link to offers and make their location and directions visible and easy to find. For advertising businesses with a mobile target group there is still more to do. A website in responsive design and attention to “Mobile SEO” requirements are necessary as well.