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AdWords Callout Extension – Be Different from Your Competitors!

Recently AdWords rolled out the callout extension, as an addition to classical extensions like location extension, which allows including more text in ads.

Callout extensions do not contain links but can be used to communicate extra information concerning special services or special offers before potential customers click on the ad or visit the website. Advertisers are not charged for adding callouts, only for the clicks on the ad.

Example callout extension                                                                                                     

Callouts can be shown above or under the search results on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Callouts with relevance for the specific ad can positively affect the ad rank and improve the performance. Possible purposes for callouts are to communicate services like ”Free shipping”, 24/7 Call Service” or the “30 days return guaranty” of your business.

Add callouts in your AdWords account under the ad extensions tab.

Add new callout extension

Of disadvantage is that callouts are only shown when ads appear above or under the search results and not in ads beside the search results. Favourable is the additional space gained to promote your company’s USPs.

Have fun trying it out yourself.

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