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AdWords-Ads in Mobile Apps: An Often Neglected Opportunity

Did you know that you can advertise with AdWords within mobile apps?

This is a functionality through the Google Display Network, that many advertisers use already but hardly anybody knows in depth. When you have a campaign “Display Network” or “Search with Display Select” and you activated “All features“, it is likely you are showing already ads in mobile apps – as mobile apps are part of the Display Network. 

Campaign type Ads for mobile apps

 According to the survey from “Our Mobile Planet” for 2013 the mobile internet usage in Switzerland among smartphone owners was 92% while 67% of these users access the internet via apps.

The perception of ads in apps is actually 15% higher than the perception of ads in a search engine. These facts are all good reasons to take a closer look at the opportunity to advertise in mobile apps.

Ads in mobile apps are suitable to promote the sales of clothing, other apps, in-app-sales or for example bargain-sales. Like regular ads in the Display Network your ads in apps are matched by your keywords to relevant content.

If you wish your ads to run on all available apps, from the Apple App Store, the Windows Phone Store and the Google Play Store, you can select “All Apps” under “Mobile app categories”. We suggest targeting particular categories in order to advertise more goal-oriented. The selectable categories refer to the category names in the respective stores, like finances, economy or health. It is further possible to narrow down your targeting by age, gender or interest.

The only bidding option available for this ad type is CPC (cost per click), therefore advertisers need not pay for impressions for their ads in mobile apps. Available ad formats in apps are text and image ads. The text ads have the same character limits as regular text ads in the Display Network. Image ads can either be interstitial ads, inserted display ads mostly shown between webpage changes, or banner ads.  

We highly recommend linking your ads in mobile apps to the smartphone friendly version of your website to enable users of mobile devices to make a purchase or other transactions. We suggest using Conversion Tracking to regularly monitor the performance of your ads in mobile apps to find out which apps generate the most conversions for you.