7 Tips for a Strong Christmas Strategy

Shortly before Christmas, Google Ads introduced two new target group search features: “User-defined target group with common interests” and “seasonal event segments” for the markets’ target groups. These, and other valuable tips, will help you build a high-turnover Christmas strategy for search advertising.

Tip 1: Target Group with Common Interests

The target group “user-defined target group with common interests” helps you attract the attention of users who have a strong interest in the products in your segment. For example, if you are selling camping equipment you can reach enthusiastic campers by selecting “Outdoor Enthusiast” and combining it with general camping keywords. By adding this additional feature of the target group, you can reach users who are not only looking for camping items but are also generally interested in nature.

Tip 2: Christmas and Black Friday as Segments

With the upcoming Christmas season, new seasonal event segments for custom target groups on Search and YouTube are ideal to reach users with your current offers.

Tip 3: The New Grow My Store Tool

With Google’s new and free tool “Grow My Store”, you can find out how your website scores for specific important criteria. For instance, the tool checks payment and shipping options and how convenient customers can search for and order products. You will then receive an analysis report with recommendations for optimizations.

Tip 4: Improve Visibility

Ensure that potential customers are aware of your brand right at the beginning of the buying process by placing bids for generic search queries to highlight your articles in this stage. Ads with local products and offers allow you to present items, prices, and other information related to a particular location in an eye-catching and convenient ad format.

Tip 5: Conversions Thanks to New Video Ads

Online videos influence the buying decision – at least half of all respondents said so. Therefore, upload videos with guided tours of your store, item demos and Christmas gift recommendations to attract attention. And with “TrueView for Action Campaigns”, you can promote your brand and items, and direct users to your landing page where they can make the purchase.

Tip 6: Identify the Most Valuable Customers

Create target group lists for your search, display, shopping and video campaigns. Find new customers based on their interests, habits, search queries and experience with your business. You can also present your ads to similar audiences who share similarities with the users in your existing remarketing lists.

Tip 7: Win Regular Customers

77% of buyers cancel online purchases occasionally or even regularly. Remarketing lists with the “customer comparison” function are ideal for these “drop-outs”: You can use these to address existing customers and link them to adapted ad text that refers to certain actions.

What We Have Learnt from the 2018 Christmas Season

The past year has shown us the steadily growing importance of Ecommerce:

  • In ten years, strongest growth with an increase in sales of 18.4% year-on-year was recorded for the Ecommerce sector.
  • For the first time, more than half of shopping research and purchases took place online.
  • Digital influence keeps on growing: According to Forrester, half of US retail sales are now digitally influenced, and this figure is expected to rise to 58% by 2023.
  • The trend towards mobile devices was even more distinct: 61% of online purchases were made via mobile devices, an increase of 27% year-on-year.


If you are not ready yet to kick off business for the Christmas season, then it is high time now!

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