6 Steps of SEO

Different SEO elements need to be combined in order to achieve high ranking positions in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Our infographic shows the 6 steps that should be part of a successful search engine optimization.


6 SEO Steps


Step 1: Off-Site SEO Analysis

An extensive keyword analysis is the foundation of each search engine optimization. In addition, this step includes the analysis of competitors, the links (internal and external), the social media visibility and the international and multilingual use of the website.

Step 2: Technical SEO Optimizations

Technical SEO optimizations not only involve correctly using the relevant SEO tags such as title tags, meta descriptions and heading tags, but also include improving the page load speed and the use of structured data. Furthermore, it should include verification that search engines can index all relevant pages.

Step 3: Usability Check

In this step the usability of the website is evaluated. The website should be user-friendly when accessed from desktop computers as well as from mobile devices. Usability for smartphones has become very important. Evidence for this fact is provided by studies about user behavior and the several new recommendations provided from Google in the past months.

Step 4: Link Building

In this step, information from the off-site analysis serves as the basis for improvements in the quantity and quality of the external links.

Step 5: Content Marketing

Users will readily share and link to high-quality content. For this reason content marketing is a crucial component of an SEO strategy.

Step 6: Social Media Marketing

The visibility of a website in social media has a positive impact on search engine rankings, just like backlinks. As a result social media marketing needs to be part of a successful SEO optimization together with all the previous steps.


All 6 steps should be implemented in order to achieve high ranking positions. Typically results can be seen after 4-6 months. So hang on – the more effort you invest, the sooner you will be able to see improvements!