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5 Important New Google AdWords Shopping Ads Enhancements

To gear up for Christmas shopping, Google has launched many new features for shopping campaigns in the past few months. We will show you the five most important developments for shopping ads in October and November 2015.

1. Shopping Assortment Report

In the Google Merchant Center shopping assortment report you can examine popular products on Google, that you do not yet have in stock. The report is based on the past 14 days and gives information about new opportunities for your online shop. With this information you can make decisions regarding a product line expansion. Additionally, you can create a pricing strategy based on the benchmark prices of five retailers advertising with shopping ads.

Google Merchant Center Assortment

2. Import and Edit Shopping Feeds in Google Sheets

Create, validate and upload your shopping feed using the Google Merchant Center add-on for Google sheets. You can find the instructions in Google help.

Google Merchant Center Add-On

3. New Click Share Column

This new column in Google AdWords can give an indication about how many clicks you generated compared to the possible amount of clicks. If the click share is low (for instance 20%) this may indicate that your ads are not visually appealing. You may also need to optimize the ad title, price and picture.

4. Remarketing Lists for Shopping Ads

Since October you can use remarketing lists for shopping campaigns. With remarketing lists you can display shopping ads for shopping cart abandoners, for example. By the way, you can also create remarketing lists in Google Analytics.

5. YouTube Shopping Ads

Recently, Google announced that the new YouTube shopping ads are now available to all advertisers. That opens up the opportunity to offer your products directly in partner videos on YouTube.