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5 Free SEM Tools You Should Use

We selected 5 free SEM Tools for Google AdWords. These tools will help you to manage and create successful Google Ads campaigns.

  1. Google AdWords Editor
    You can create new campaigns or download existing accounts with the Google AdWords Editor to edit campaigns offline. The adjustments go online when you upload the account into Google Ads. This tool is recommended for big accounts as you will be able to search for duplicate keywords and you can replace ad texts across campaigns and ad groups.
    SEM Tools Google AdWords Editor
  2. Keyword Planner
    Use the AdWords Keyword Planner for keyword research. Review search volumes per keyword, get new ideas for additional keywords and make forecasts for potential clicks.
    SEM Tools Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  3. Ad Preview and Diagnosis
    You can find the Google AdWords Ad Preview and Diagnosis tab in the main menu under Tools. This tool shows you in real time if your ad is displayed for a certain keyword. You can simulate the location, language, device and the Google domain.
    SEM Tools ad preview and disnosis
  4. Google Auction Insights
    With Google Auction Insights you can compare the impression share of your competitors. The insights show your competitors average position and can be segmented by time and device.
    SEM Tools Auction Insights
  5. Global Market Finder
    If you want to expand and search for opportunities in new markets, try the Global Market Finder. You can compare the search volume of a keyword globaly and you will get suggestions for additional keywords in the different languages.
    SEM Tools Global Market Finder

Use these SEM tools to create and choose optimal campaigns and keywords, identify new markets and competitors and get the best out of your search engine marketing budget for Google AdWords.

If you need help with the tools or have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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