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3 Tips for Working with the Google AdWords Keyword Planner

In our Google AdWords keyword planner tutorial we showed you how to use the keyword planner. But how can you use the tool even more efficiently? Below we will show you three tips to make working with the keyword planner easier.

  1. Competitor Analysis
    The following functionanlities of the AdWords keyword planner will give you information about the market share and the orientation of your competitors:
  • The benchmark data provides an indication about the AdWords market share of your competitors and of the market leaders. This blog post shows you how it works: Google AdWords Keyword Planner Now Provides Benchmark Data.
  • When you type your competitor’s domain into the landing page field of the keyword planner, you will get keyword suggestions based on your competitor’s website. This will give you insights about your competitor’s orientation as well as inspiration for new keywords.
    Find new keywords with competitor's landing page
  1. Exclude or Include Words
    If you get too many irrelevant keyword suggestions, you can specify the keywords by including or excluding words to get more precise suggestions.
    Exclude and include keywords
  2. Find Local Keywords
    In order to find local keywords, you can manually search for combinations with regions or countries like “AdWords Zurich” or “AdWords Switzerland” etc. However, it is easier to use the keyword lists. You can find these lists in the Keyword Planner under Search for new keywords.
    Keyword lists
    Here you can type in the keywords in the first list and the geographic locations in the second list. Click on Get search volume and you will get the keyword combinations for local search queries.

    Keyword list local keywords results

With these three AdWords keyword planner tips you can plan and optimize your campaigns more effectively.

Write me an email if you have questions regarding the usage of the keyword planner.