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10 Best Google Easter Eggs

When we are not optimizing AdWords accounts, doing Search Engine Optimization or setting up containers in Google Tag Manager, we browse. We are looking in the furthest corners of the internet to see if we can find anything of value for our clients. We are not talking cryptocurrency here. Think about finding best practices on how to get your Google Analytics Views right and looking for tips on how to do some quick GDPR fixes. We don’t just look for fun stuff; we look for useful stuff. And sometimes, while browsing, we stumble upon things that we did not expect to find. We find things that remind us of the last Easter Egg Hunt we had in our office. Indeed, we actually find Easter Eggs on the internet.

Easter Eggs are an inside joke in tech. You can find them in many different apps and tools, but you are most likely to stumble upon them in Google. Google has been hiding Easter Eggs for years and is famous for it. A teacher of distracted pupils once asked Google on how to disable the Easter Eggs. Disable? Why would you want to do that? In this blog post we will tell you where to find the best Easter Eggs.

1. Flip a Coin

Want to flip a coin?

Sometimes, when you are in doubt, it’s just easier to let a coin decide your fate. Since it is way more likely that you are doing a mobile payment than that you are shaking out coins, Google came up with an online version of Flip a Coin. Tails for the next one! 

2. Solitaire

Play some solitaire to kill the time.

Solitaire, also known as Patience, must be the number one procrastination game in the world. If you ever owned a Windows computer, you will know it as FreeCell. Feeling melancholic now? Play Solitaire right in your search engine!

3. Animal Sounds

It can be a struggle to explain the little ones what sounds certain animals make. It is one of those questions that Google would also struggle with using only text. Why not use actual sounds? Seems like a perfect fit for Voice Search. So what sound does a bowhead whale make?

4. Google Assistant

The animal sounds are great for Voice Search and open a door to even more Easter Eggs. What about the sound of a fox? “OK Google. What does the Fox say?” – Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding. Or: “Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!”

Yes, try it out! Of course this is in reaction to the famous song by Ylvis. As you can see in the above YouTube, this is just one of many Easter Eggs.

5. Google in 1998

Melancholic much?

Ever wonder what Google looked like back in 1998? One of their engineers must have felt nostalgic because it is possible to go check it out for yourself. Click here to go back to a time without any AdWords ads.

6. Looking for Nessie

Where is Nessie?

Loch Ness is still a place of mistery and the monster apparently gets spotted from time to time. We all know that Google Streetview has made some very interesting discoveries. Can it also find Nessie?

7. Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout! Yeah baby!

Did someone say Atari?! We could almost be talking That 70s Show, because it has been around for over 40 years. If you are searching images and you want a quick break, then Google Images is exactly the right place. Break that wall!

8. Is Google Down?

Is Google down?

Not getting your desired search results? Is Google down or something? Well, why don’t you ask Google?

9. Barrel Roll

Is your day really not going that great? Are you just staring at the screen instead of working your to do list? Why don’t you do a barrel roll to shake things up a little? At least you can’t say you didn’t do anything!

10. Okay, just one Facebook Easter Egg

Congratulations Easter Egg on Facbeook

It’s not an incredibly new Easter Egg, but it’s nonetheless a cool one. Facebook is for sharing successes. Facebook is also famous for congratulating people. The next time you are cheering for someone, Facebook will send some balloons.

Let’s get back to business now. Is your Google My Business up to scratch? Are you already using Google IF Functions? Does your marketing mix comply with GDPR laws? Did you know that there is an intent behind every search? There is so much to do and so much to learn. Sometimes you just want to have a little break. Now you know you can take that break right in your Google search bar.




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